Jan 30, 2016

How to export highlights and comments from PocketBook InkPad 840

Getting the notes and highlights on the computer is in fact a very valid use-case when we are using an e-book reader, such as the one I purchased: InkPad 840. Sadly, there is no build-in functionality for this use-case. The recommended software on PC 'Adobe Digital Editions' also does not support such feature.

However browsing the filesystem of the device I found that the highlights, notes and snapshots can be easily extracted.
If you use Windows, connect your PockeBook to the PC. In the file explorer on the top menu bar (hit Alt  to show it), click on Tools/Folder settings. You have to set 'Don't hide system files', also 'Show hidden files'. Now you can browse the system files.
The highlights and comments for each book can be found in HTML format under the following path:

\system\config\Active Contents 

Btw this is the InkPad 840